2016 Program Line Up

Thursday April 28th 7pm

Union Cinema (2200 E Kenwood Blvd, 2nd Floor)

Juror Presentation: Alee Peoples


 Alee Peoples_If You Cant See bball Alee Peoples_Them Oracles

The Root That Ate Roger Williams
16mm to video, 18min 15sec, 2011
The Root That Ate Roger Williams explores what happened to the remains of Providence’s founder, the champion of ‘free religion’, as well as the club based on the folklore of the root. Shot in 16mm, the film merges history and the present in a small New England town during wintertime.


Them Oracles
16mm, 7min 30sec, 2012
Them Oracles is a skeptic investigation of what an oracle can be and what it would sound like. human desire and blind faith allow, and maybe even will, these mystic soothsayers to exist.

Waxing and Milking
super 8 to video, 9min, 2014
Waxing and Milking mimics music video tropes and equates Los Angeles’ favorite food snack, the taco, to a lady’s special parts.  A companion piece to Boys of Summer, 2009, also super 8.

Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies
16mm, 9min, 2015
A Los Angeles street film starring empty signs, radio from passing cars and human sign spinners, some with a pulse and some without.

If You Can’t See My Mirrors, I Can’t See You
16mm, 12min, 2016
A study of the frame.  An equal exchange between friends.

Crowning Glory

dual projection super 8 to video, 2008
Two parallel feelings: pride and ownership versus skepticism and rebellion. Attempting to resuscitate political icons that deal with the psychic space of the head.

Friday April 29th 3pm

Fine Arts Cinema, MIT B91 (3203 N Downer Ave. Mitchell Hall)

Juror Presentation: David Dinnell

DD photo

Works and Days (1969, 12 min, 16mm, USA)

by Hollis Frampton

“I bought this film in a Canal Street junk shop for $1.00 and found myself in complete agreement with it. The ostensible pretext is the humane and practical discipline of making a vegetable garden (hence the title, borrowed from Hesiod). The gardeners are masters of their art, so that their work blossoms into overarching metaphor. I have attached my logo to the film, not to claim it as a ready-made, but in the spirit of Chinese connoisseurs who affixed their vermilion seals to paintings as a mark of admiration.”- Hollis Frampton
Mr and Mrs Compost

Mr. & Mrs. Compost (2013, 1.5 min, digital, N. Ireland)

by Seamus Harahan

An incident is caught on camera on a residential street in Belfast. You might hear the shouts were it not for the song telling of a time when hands were tougher than the plough.



Fuck You Kiss Me (2008, 6.5 min, digital, Greenland/Denmark)

by Eva Marie Rødbro

A portrait of teenagers recorded over two months in and around Nuuk, Greenland by Rødbro, a Danish filmmaker and photographer.



Nek Se Čuje I Naš Glas (Let Our Voices Be Heard, Too) (1971, 15 min, 35mm on digital, Croatia)

by Krsto Papić

A depiction of illegal radio stations rigged up at homes across the Croatian regions of Hrvatsko Zagorje and Podravina.



Down Hear  (1972, 12 min, 16mm, USA)

by Mike Henderson

16mm preservation print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

A raw, penetrating, talking Blues pantomime, radical in its undiluted directness and captivating in its second-person address, collapses the history of Black America into a series of hyper-distilled kitchen performances by the filmmaker and his brother.  This singular film emerged from Henderson’s own frustration at the deeply embedded legacy of racism and victimization of African-Americans, proposing that change must start with reaffirming identity, self-awareness, and personal power. – Mark Toscano


Bisonhead 01

Bisonhead (2015, 9 min, digital, USA)

by Elizabeth Lo

A family of Ponderai Native Americans embark on a controversial journey from northern Montana to Yellowstone to take part in the federal culling of 900 wild bison.


Federsee 01

Federsee (2013, 8 min, digital, Germany / Sweden)

by John Skoog

A film that looks at the traditional folklore surrounding the celebration of Fasnet (carnival) in the small Schwabian town of Bad Buchau.
Lunar Almanac 01

Lunar Almanac (2013, 4 min, 16mm, Canada)

by Malena Szlam

“Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth.” – MS

Friday April 29th 7pm

Union Cinema (2200 E Kenwood Blvd, 2nd Floor)

Program in Competition I


Fever (Lake Monroe. Sanford, FL), Daniel Watkins, 3 min 27 sec

Lake Monroe at 6:45 am is rendered into abstraction through re-photography (multiple generations of the same footage, copied over and over and over again). My own personal history with this place blends together with the history of the land itself to create a moving image that slowly “un-defines” itself. Unbecoming here is a way of saying goodbye to the place that raised me.



Suhail and The One Having Crossed Over, Anna Kipervaser, 5 min 55 sec

Before he was known as Canopus, he was called Suhail. And before that his name was Osiris. In all documented cases, he had two sisters, one of whom was left behind. She always signals the coming of an other, bigger than she. Their legend lives on to this day; each night the two sisters mourn him – and their separation – across the great heavenly river.



Mototanaka Dérive, Michael Lyons, 4 min 17 sec

Shot in Super 8, the film documents an aimless walk through one of Kyoto’s former outcaste neighbourhoods, which continues to exist below normal Japanese living standards. Despite pro-active legislation, people from families associated with such areas can experience discrimination. The soundtrack was created in collaboration with Malte Steiner using a self-built apparatus we call ‘The Octopus’. Voltages from light sensors on the projection screen control an analogue modular synthesizer allowing the film itself to act as a score.



Night Swells, Zachary Epcar, 5 min 14 sec

And you love that humid atmosphere/ And you look so lush under glass.


Morning Mass still

Morning Mass, Brian Wilson, 1 min 25 sec

Mass, as it is enacted in the domestic church.

Prima Materia

Prima Materia, Charlotte Pryce, 3 min

Delicate threads of energy spiral and transform into mysterious microscopic cells of golden dust: these are the luminous particles of the alchemist’s dream.
Prima Materia is inspired by the haunting wonderment of Lucretius’: De Rerum Natura. It is an homage to the first, tentative photographic records that revealed the extraordinary nature of phenomena lurking just beyond the edge of human vision.


Jaaji Approx 1

Jáaji Approx., Sky Hopinka, 7 min 37 sec

Logging and approximating a relationship between audio recordings of my father and videos gathered of the landscapes we have both separately traversed, this work approaches its concept through a tapering use of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcriptions of the audio. The initial distance between the logger and the recordings, of recollections and of songs, new and traditional, narrows while the images become an expanding semblance of filial affect. Jáaji is a near translation for directly addressing a father in the Hočak language.



Intersection, Vincent Grenier, 6 min 50 sec

At a highway intersection is an amazing planting of Forget-Me-Nots and Dandelions. An improbable dance between different layers of reality, one organic, the other mechanical, another the numbing everyday. Timeless fragility joust with fleeting enamels and the upstanding violence.



Synthase, Sam Kirchoff, 7 min 33 sec

A journey through a microbial landscape reveals a bizarre and abnormally infectious proteobacteria at large. All visual for this piece where captured in-camera without the use of computer generated special effects.


Abandoned Generations Still 2Abandoned Generations Still 2Abandoned Generations Still 2

Abandoned Generations Still 2Abandoned Generations, Linda Fenstermaker, 10 min 14 sec

A portrait of farmland in the Pacific Northwest, “Abandoned Generations” explores relationships with land and time in different generations. Told through the perspective of a female farmer in the 1940s, the film questions the distance that modern society has from the earth and how that relationship informs daily life.



Traces/Legacy, Scott Stark, 9 min

As with my earlier film Traces, the 35mm projector can only show a portion of the image at a time, so the viewer sees alterations between the top and bottom half of each frame. The images also overlap onto the optical sound area of the film, generating their own unique sounds.


wait wait spring still copy

Wait wait spring, Cade Bursell, 3 min 22 sec

Made during a difficult winter of family illness, when the promise of spring was all that sustained us. Handmade with flower and seed catalog magazine transfers, paint and markers on 35 mm clear film leader, still photographs, spoken word, field recordings and music.


Holland Man still 2

Holland Man, Aaron Zeghers, 21 min (expanded cinema performance)

As three growing years pass, Don Zeghers – farmer from Holland, Manitoba – phases out his multi-generational family farm. With experimental photography on Super 8, 16mm and digital mediums, his son Aaron Zeghers follows this life change. The dissolution of the family farm is seen both intimately but also as a microcosm of the modern industrialized world. Nature is contrasted with industrial might in this sentimental and existential portrait of one’s own family.


Saturday April 30th 2 pm

Woodland Pattern (720 E Locust St.)

Video Remix: Flowers Sex Skies and Kanye a Juror Presentation with Eileen Rae Walsh



Walsh’s video playlist creates a historical remix based around the translation of sensation through moving and still images.  Beginning with experimental films of the 60’s and moving into pop culture, she is interested in a contemporary dialog of appropriation, the archive and the use of technology.  A music video is situated next to Rose Lowder, Stan Brackage and Su Friedrich, followed by Carolee Schneeman.  Camille Henrot creates the prelude for Walsh’s own video The Sky as well as a collaboration with feminist artist and filmmaker Jeanne Donegan.  The program mimics Walsh’s own research practice and advocates a space for observation and discussion.


Saturday April 30th 4pm

Woodland Pattern (720 E Locust St.)

Program in Competition II


Tempo of Tomorrow Revisited

Tempo of Tomorrow Revisited, Josh Gibson/Annie Gibson, 13 min 15 sec

A meditation on tourism and nostalgia in Cuba. Two American travelogues about Cuba intertwine. One shot in 1958 in the months before the Revolution and another in 2014, shot from the same locations and camera angles. As these two travelogues combine, their narrations split apart, forcing an active relationship between sound and image, past and present. Two detached narrators separated by fifty-seven years, at two distinct transitional moments in these two countries histories, speculate on what tomorrow will bring.


Beneath a Glass Floor Lobby

Beneath a Glass Floor Lobby, Lisa Danker, 5 min 4 sec

This short essay film, shot on Super 8, reflects on the denigration of historically significant sites as a result of commercial real estate development in Miami––a city that has long thought of itself as having little history. In 2011, the Miami Herald building was purchased by the Genting Group, a casino corporation based in Malaysia. Genting planned to build a mixed-use development to include casinos, stores, and residences, but the site remains undeveloped as of April 2016. At the Met Square mixed-use development a few miles away, artifacts of a Tequesta village dating back to at least 600 A.D., were discovered in 2013. Mediated agreements between the City of Miami and the developer reveal that plans for a future building were designed at the expense of preserving the past.

Ceallaigh at Kilmainham

Ceallaigh at Kilmainham, Kelly Gallager, 7 min 14 sec

A 16mm collaged and handcrafted exploration of land, roots, and the strength of the women who came before me.

A tone halfway

A tone halfway between lightness and darkness, Kelly Sears, 7 min 30 sec

A lyrical investigation of a spirit photographer and his ability to channel the deceased. The film is a channeling of lost mediums, lost lives, lost histories and lost hopes, in middle gray.  Based on photographer William Mumler, this story, and the images of the photographers taken from discarded 35 mm photography books, are rendered unsteady and unreliable.


Setting West, Judith Porier, 5 min 25 sec

Setting West was made using original printing materials from eminent North American letterpress studios*. Printed directly onto 35mm film stock, these type & stereotypes of “Cowboys and Indians”, trains and bison produce a unique texture on screen as well as an original sound track, evoking the western genre.* including the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin


Snowbirds, Lorenzo Gattorna, 8 min 29 sec

The onset of northern winter transitions towards the solace of southern latitudes. A dense nostalgia nestles into the former as a peculiar splendor surfaces upon the latter. However, what remains constant is a forecast for the near future. A certain unease surrounds eventual passersby and the establishment of permanence.

Adeline through Montana

Adeline through Montana, Kim Kielhofner, 7 min 57 sec

Composed of a collage of personal and found footage and archival stills, this video investigates the memory of a night through narration and visual associations.


LE VISIBLE ET L’INVISBLE, Manuela De Laborde, 5 min 40 sec

Titled after Maurice Merleay-Ponty’s book, Le visible et L’invisible is a family portrait and an observation on the image. My grandmother’s blindness and devotion contrast and defy the experience, seeing, of my uncle, mother, and myself; that document exhaustingly in our cameras what she holds only in memory.


Familiar Memories, Pol Merchan, 3 min 52 sec

The reconstruction of a family archive through fragmentary and disturbing memories, is moved to the limit of what we classify as fiction. A voice over tell in about the invisible and buried elements of a biography not captured by the camera or not wanted to be seen.

A Cinematic Lunatic Trial

A Cinematic Lunatic Trial, Angelica Vergel/Christopher Gorski/Laura Trager/Tzuan Wu, 4 min 4 sec

A Cinematic Lunatic Trial is a document of the morbid and uncanny that repurposes literary and cinematic texts of influential writers and filmmakers. Narration, forms and tones collide to convey the tensions of the strange language of cinema, where angels and ghosts populate a world of terror and beauty.


Aufgelöst, Stefanie Weberhofer, 4 min 3 sec

A 16mm color film first documents chemical processes through a microscope and then has to experience these processes for itself. Aufgelöst is a dyadic study showing change – change as the only constant.

Mad Ladders

Mad Ladders, Michael Robinson, 10 min

A modern prophet’s visions of mythical destruction and transformation are recounted across a turbulent geometric ceremony of rising curtains, swirling set pieces, and unveiled idols from music television’s past. Together, these parallel cults of revelation unlock a pathway to the far side of the sun.



Saturday April 30th 8pm

Woodland Pattern (720 E Locust St.)

Program in Competition III



Here There, Alexander Stewart, 4 min 40 sec

Here There gives graphic form to memory’s malleable, straying lines. It begins as a traveler’s sketchbook, drawn in Croatia in the summer of 2014, but details soon fade away into abstract impressions on the edges of memory. This film is a reduction to the essence, a condensed feeling of one place and time.


Neverland, Edda Manriquez, 3 min 2 sec

Neverland is an intergalactic journey through the childhood’s mind. Entering the blurred lines of memory. Neverland is a videographics composited film recorded on VHS.

Picture Start

Picture Start, Hannah White, 6 min 39 sec

Shadows on the wall teach us about our blindness, our seeing, and ourselves. What are your ways of seeing?


INVERT AND ALL THAT IS SOLID, Olivia Ciummo, 3 min 15 sec

A retelling of words through textures, movements and sounds– the images and sounds try to wrangle with linguistics. Based on the poem A HEART by Ian Dreiblatt.

Blue Movie

Blue Movie, Michael A. Morris, 6 min 30 sec
Blue Movie is an elegiac tribute to the late Juanita Slusher, a Dallas-based exotic dancer well known in the 50s and 60s as “Candy Barr”. Footage from the stag-film Smart Alec, a film given to me by my grandfather, is used as the majority of the source imagery set to a rendition of Autumn Leaves performed by Dallas-based vocalist Lily Taylor. The song was noted by Candy Barr as her favorite to dance to, while also noting that she viewed her dancing as a form of creative expression. The silver-based emulsion of the film was replaced with cyanotype chemistry and laid under the sun to create the blue image. This film is a companion piece to my 2010 film, Confessors.



Continent, Katya Yakubov, 3 min

Travel and domestic imagery weave a spoken letter to a friend, evoking the mind states of a young woman who chooses to stay within the confines of her own psyche.


a Ghost in his Shadow

A Ghost in his Shadow, Michael Rice, 10 min 17 sec

Growing up in Boston, I felt as if I had a strangely close relationship to the notorious gangster, Whitey Bulger. Although few people ever met or saw the man (including myself), his presence was always felt permeating the city and each of its neighborhoods. Through the stories told about him (some true, some embellished), the city learned to both fear and at the same time idolize him. Over time, he became a mythic presence – even today, years after his ultimate arrest in Santa Monica, this film concerns itself with a more broad subject: how a person’s presence can be feared despite their physical absence. The imagery in the film is drawn mostly from surveillance footage of Whitey and images of the places where he would frequent while he lived in Boston and Santa Monica. To me, these liquid images suggest a man as an elusive and lurking presence; they are images and words that describe a living ghost, the realization of a disembodied menace.

Townhomes Scare Me 1

Townhomes Scare Me 1, Benjamin Edelberg, 3 min 16 sec

Townhomes Scare Me 1 explores my first childhood experience with panic. I attempted to cope with these then foreign feelings of anxiety with a journal of drawings, which I recently rediscovered while visiting my home in Chicago. The title phrase is lifted from one of my entries.

Direct Route print1

Direct Route, Pam Minty, 48 min 22 sec

Direct Route  observes a blind woman (the director’s mother) navigating her domestic surroundings, presented alongside landscape images and the retelling of memories prior to losing her vision. Through conversations, and the solving of word puzzles with her daughter, a story emerges about the relationship between memory and the texture of experience.

The Queen of Material, Rajee Samarasinghe, 2 min 15 sec

The Queen of Material - Still 1

A short procession of colorful material and a mysterious woman lit by the sun. A paean to Kenneth Anger.


Song for Koko

Song for Koko, Tommy Becker, 4 min

A life force is being held against its will or once again running wild through the streets. The moment the lion lunges at the tamer we understand his motives. We relate viscerally to his oppression as we connect to the soul of its being.


Plane Wave, Daniel Robert Kelly, 9 min

Plane Wave is an interactive analog film. The film itself is a series of lenses that attempt to focus the working of the projector on to the exhibition screen. Each exhibition’s visuals are dependent on the lens/lamp/screen arrangement. A love letter exposing the refractive nature of light bending around the edges of metal, bone through tiny celluloid windows.



Sunday May 1st 2pm-7pm

Kenilworth Square East, 4th Floor (1915 E Kenwood Pl)

Installations on Display


Reality Models, Andrew Norman Wilson, 6 min 10 sec (loop)

In 2010 the physicist Aaron O’Connell and his colleagues proved that a strip of metal, visible to the naked human eye, can both oscillate and not oscillate at the same time. Essentially this means that objects, whatever their size, can be in two places at once.

Rust Golem

Rust Golem, Nicholas DiMichele, 6 min 30 sec

Rust Golem is the world’s first Choose-Your-Own-Path virtual reality music video to be filmed in 360-degree live action! Guide your protagonists as they try and escape a dungeon of full of magic, mystery, and 8-bit video game stylings. Featuring six distinct endings and a rigorous display of hand-rotoscoped animated elements, Rust Golem is a fun, spooky adventure that begs to be played again and again!


Topophilia, Peter Bo Rappmund, 62 min

Topophilia employs time-lapse photography to follow the path of the above-ground Trans-Alaska Pipeline System as it carries crude oil some 800 miles across the state. Each shot stoically follows the previous one, just as each section of the pipeline inevitably links to the next. The camera is locked down, but the scale of time inside the static frame varies widely. Here, the natural and industrial clash and converge, and new environments both geologic and manmade emerge.


Sunday May 1st 3pm

Kenilworth Square East, Room 408 (1915 E Kenwood Pl)

Program in Competition IV


Intimacy is Hair Down in the Drain

Intimacy is Hair in the Drain, Hanna Chetwin, 8 min

A film exploring cohabitation and the everyday bodily functions and grooming rituals of a shared home. Using my rayogrammed hair as a mask, I assembled glimpses of private moments of my partner and I in our apartment, resulting in an abstract yet slightly voyeuristic portrait of a couple’s shared life.


4min15 au révélateur/ 4min15 in the Developer, Moïa Jobin-Paré, 4 min 44 sec

A young woman and an urban landscape interact with each other. Developing images and intricacies by scratching and sewing them on again. Mixed techniques.


WorldBuilding, Janelle VanderKelen, 9 min 50 sec

An exercise of extending perception in time and space follows musings on both. The tentative space between two people is explored, and words, all the things you want to say, are rendered useless. Does the onus lie on the shoulders of the speaker when communication breaks down? An invitation for an intimate experience is proposed, or not, and permission granted, or not. What remains?

prisonisland (1)

Prison Island, Susan DeLeo, 3 min 42 sec

Prison Island is an exploratory journey through an island previously inhabited by prisoners of war. It is a portrait of a place conceived through three rolls of super 8mm film and the impression left on the filmmaker from a days visit to this abandoned and fascinating site.

A Fire In My Brain That Separates Us

A Fire In My Brain That Separates Us, Benjamin Ramirez Perez, 17 min 10 sec

In an initially deserted room objects slowly begin to move; they are manipulated from the off-screen space, being pulled and dragged by strings, cables or the carpet. This is accompanied by superimposed subtitles, which consist of a collage of existing film dialogue taken from ‘gaslighting’ films: A text assemblage on seduction and betrayal unfolds in relation to signifiers and performative re-enactments of codes associated with classical cinema.

The House You Were Born In

The House You Were Born In, John Powers, 10 min

A faux slideshow of Christmas lights, cloud atlases, and interior decorating manuals, all of which show their seams. Language seems inadequate to describe a familiar place, but are images any better? Should we be troubled when we feel nostalgic?

Frida Was Here

Frida Was Here, Renato Umali, 10 min 43 sec

This is about the time Renato went to Mexico to interview a couple of people about the discovery of a trove of artifacts supposedly once owned or created by Frida Kahlo. The authenticity of the archive, that is, whether Kahlo once owned the material, is in question.

Night Visions - 2-2

Night Visions, Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty, 7 min 30 sec 16mm x 2

Night Visions developed as an audio/visual conversation about psychic energy, sleep cycles and synaesthesia. The result is a haunting spell of color and rhythm.


The Unthinkable Bygone, Andrew Norman Wilson, 2 min 19 sec

Humans, using computers, try to model in stunning detail and complexity forms from the evolution of intelligent organisms that have both disappeared and, hypothetically, have yet to appear. Embedded within these models are speculations on the organisms’ intelligence, experience, and points of view, typically informed by conventions of cinema and television.



Alle tankers slekt//All thoughts are kin, Aleksander Johan Andreassen 24 min 47 sec

The film follows a young man who claims to be possessed by demons. Through his openness and unique perspective we get an insight into what it’s like to be at the fringes of society, and what the consequences of this can be.




Sunday May 1st 7pm

Kenilworth Square East, Room 408 (1915 E Kenwood Pl)

Program in Competition V



Body Contours, Kristin Reeves, 6 min

Make movies in your mind, feel the soundtrack, and drift away from your body for the win. Produced through a media art residency at Signal Culture using real-time analog video processing tools.


A Boy and His Guns

A Boy and His Guns, Sean Kafer, 7 min 25 sec

A young boy. His adventure. His world? Our world? Fantasy and truth weave through the lines that separate instinct and reason.

Mourning Rite ENTRANCE 300

Mourning Rite, Robert Todd, 11 min 30 sec

Finding memorials in the urbanscape; totemic palaces of distant emotions.



Cupido, Natali Voorthuis, 3 min

A man is hit by Cupid’s arrow and falls in love with a girl. Unfortunately she’s already in love with someone else. This makes him question Cupid’s ways and doubt his existence. This music video was made in 2014 for the Dutch band The Kik.


Counter-Charge, Alex Hovet, 12 min 45 sec

In the 1989 adult-oriented computer series, Leisure Suit Larry’s eponymous hero, in an act of cathexis, concentrates on unattainable Passionate Patti in a complex of libido, love, and gender expression that leads Larry/Patti on an investigation of duality, with bell hooks’ attempts at intervention rejected by the game’s instinct.

Snow Angel THREE.Still001

Snow Angel, Stephanie Hutin, 1 min 28 sec

Carmen is the Snow Angel. Animation as documentation of performance.

A Vestal Fire

A Vestal Fire, Alex Ingersoll, 8 min 34 sec

As carbon simmers, the digital blooms. An expectant mother receives a call after dark that opens up a world of absence.

My Sister Swallowed the Zoo copy

My Sister Swallowed the Zoo, Maya Yu Zhang, 10 min 40 sec

My Sister Swallowed the Zoo investigates an ordinary phone call between a mother and a daughter, taking the audience on an emotional journey. The daughter and mother talk frankly about a newly adopted baby sister and the life choices of the older sister, which the mother opposes. The film explores hope and disappointment, adoption and replacement, freedom and captivity.


Deux Champs, Kevin Obsatz, 7 min 50 sec

Victor Obsatz, a young photographer in Greenwich Village, created a double-exposed portrait of Marcel Duchamp by mistake in 1953. Fifty-five years later that photo appeared in the pages of Smithsonian Magazine, and was featured at a Duchamp retrospective in Washington DC. This short documentary is a reflection on the distant memory of that day in 1953, and everything that has happened since.

Solitary Acts #5

Solitary Acts #5, Nazli Dincel, 5 min 25 sec

The filmmaker films herself practice kissing with a mirror. She recalls teenage memories of overconsumption, confusing oral fixations that are both sexual (kissing) and bodily (eating). She ends up eating the carrot she is masturbating with, and feels a sense of cannibalism.

Lullaby Optic

Lullaby Optic, Steve Wood, 7 min 52 sec

An abstract work generated by moving lights through multiple video feedback loops, resulting in a catalog of transient electronic forms.  Captured in-camera, with no additional graphics or color enhancement. Scored with sounds from the NASA archives, and also with recordings of circuit-bent toys.



Shutter Utter, Matt Rossoni, 6 min

An empty 16mm film projector is rephotographed and brought into the digital domain. The rolling lines change in size and speed corresponding to shutter speed. The digital as a kind of microscope, revealing and orchestrating visual music that was there all along. Image becomes sound.

Juror Announcement 2016

This years festival will be taking place Thursday April 28 – Sunday May 1 at multiple venues in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Please allow us to introduce the 2016 Jurors:


DD photo

David Dinnell is a filmmaker and film programmer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 2010, he has been the Program Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Previously he was the film programmer for five seasons at UW-M Union Cinema. His own moving image work has been exhibited at various places including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, EXiS (Korea), Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech), Images Festival (Toronto) and the Views from the Avant Garde (New York Film Festival).

APeoples_headshot-2Alee Peoples (born 1981, Oklahoma City) currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She maintains a varied artistic practice that involves screen-printing, sewing, sculpture and film. She has taught youth classes at Echo Park Film Center and organized a 13-date film tour in the spring of 2014. This past summer she collaborated with filmmaker Mike Stoltz at an ACRE residency in Stueben, WI.



Eileen Rae Walsh is an artist and writer living and working in Chicago, IL.  She works primarily in photography, video and the written word.  She received her BFA from the University of North Florida in 2012, and will receive her MFA from Columbia College Chicago in May of 2016.  Her work is steeped in the romantic, playing with photographic tropes tied to sublime sensation. Concerned with elevated states of being, the work obscures perception, relying on the inexplicable and the poetic — an idealized version of experience.  She has exhibited at Women Made Gallery, The Franklin, ACRE TV, Mana Contemporary, The Pitch Project and ­Filter Photo Space, and has been featured in Ain’t Bad Magazine and Bridge Eight.  She is the cofounder of the Crit-Exchange in Chicago and is a bookmaker for The Chicago Perch.

Organizers 2016

Work is underway for University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee’s 16th Annual Underground Film Festival as the student organizers are preparing to put together a great program! This year’s program organizers are Takahiro Suzuki, Alex Tarantino, Hayley Blau, Vanessa Reuter, and Suana Hasani.

Taka Suzuki is a second year MFA candidate in the Department of Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres.  He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, concentrating in the media of photography and cinematography.  His interest in experimental film comes from his first encounter watching works by makers like Stan Brakhage, Ernie Gehr, and Marie Menken and writing short form poetics and playing with enjambment.

Alex Tarantino is a junior attending UWM with a major in film. The plethora of different approaches and styles of film making he’s seen in classes has been an eye opening experience for him. He has also had a number of freelance editing and filming jobs, giving him a good feel for processes used by a variety of filmmakers. Also a fan of animation, he makes his own cartoons in his free time.

Hayley Blau is a junior film student at UWM and has a vast array of interests. Originally from the Milwaukee area, she has been making short films in her free time since high school. Her interest in film started with classic narrative films, and has branched off into experimental and documentary work. She has a background with theater and the performing arts, and brings a love of storytelling to her work.

Vanessa Reuter is an exchange student from Brazil. She’s going to stay in Milwaukee for a year in hopes of learning more about areas she has never explored. Her intention is to indulge herself in as many areas in the Film field as possible before graduating at the end of this year. She started film school with the purpose of become a video editor, but her interests have expanded. Now she plans to be part of the whole process of making a film/video through her own projects. Vanessa loves to watch any film with a meaning behind it, and she’s passionate about new cultures and places. Also, she’s a co-founder of Pomar, a Brazilian production company. The company is currently dedicated to a web-series (Superdose) in which there is space given to independent bands who perform their own music.

Suana Hasani is a second year film student at UWM.  Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, her parents noticed at the young age of 3 that movies were her favorite passing time, and some time the only means to calm her down. At age of eight she made her first video for her school, which involved the planets in our solar system. Since then she has made many videos both inside, and outside for school. Though her work focuses on comedic approaches to social struggles, she appreciates a wide variety of films, with silent films being her guilty pleasure. By participating in the underground film she hopes to gain knowledge of how the film world works and in hope to submit her work in the future. There is no better place to start learning that in the heart of Milwaukee itself, yet alone working with the underground film festival.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the people behind the 2016 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival! If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@mkeunderground)!

M.U.F.F. 2016 Call for Submissions are now OPEN !!!

We would love to see your films, videos, expanded cinema works and installations!

The 2016 cycle is open and we will be accepting entires now through March 1, 2016 (arrive by date). This year all entry forms will be submitted through our website! You can still mail flash drives and DVDs for prescreening if you aren’t using an online screener.


M.U.F.F. 2015 Juror Awards Announcement

5 Juror Awards (in no particular order)

Benjamin Balcom, Marika Borgeson, Kelly GallagherOur 2015 Jurors – Ben Balcom, Marika Borgeson and Kelly Gallagher – have selected five pieces to each be awarded with a $100 cash prize.


Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies by Alee Peoples

Nonstop Beautiful Ladies, Alee Peoples 9m | 16mm | 2015 | USA

Diaries from Guatemala by Renato Umali

Diaries from Guatemala, Renato Umali 5m | video | 2015 | USA

Wawa by Sky Hopinka

Wawa, Sky Hopinka 6m | Video | 2014 | USA

Fausto and Emilio by Nora Sweeney

Fausto & Emilio, Nora Sweeney 13m | 16mm | USA

Traditional Day for Eating Grilled Eel
by Joel Schlemowitz

Traditional Day for Eating Grilled Eel Joel Schlemowitz 6m | 16mm on video | 2014 | USA

Honorable Mentions

Something About Which Nothing Can Be Said
by Ted Kennedy

Something about which nothing can be said - Ted Kennedy

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening
by Zachary Epcar

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening, Zachary Epcar 10m | video | USA

2015 Full Schedule Here

Thursday, April 30th

Union Theatre, 7pm
Juror Presentation:

The Starry Messenger
with Marika Borgeson

Starry Messenger - Marika Borgeson

20min | 16mm | color | silent | 2013

A black and white negative is placed on undeveloped black and
white print stock and left in the sun for days to weeks and then
fixed. The sun was the only developer used in making the print.
5 Fun Facts About the Sun

1. The Sun’s diameter is about 110 times Earth’s.
2. The Sun makes up 99.86% of the Solar System’s mass.
3. You could fit approximately 1 million Earth’s inside the Sun.
4. It takes light from the Sun approximately 8 minutes and
20 seconds to reach Earth.
5. The Sun is currently classified as a Yellow Dwarf, but in
approximately 6.4 billion years it will become a Red Giant
and will expand to engulf Mercury and Venus.

And a Brief Definition of a Sun Print:
A sun print refers to multiple printing techniques which use
sunlight as a developing or fixing agent.

Life would be tragic if it were not funny - Jolene Mok 2015

life would be tragic if it were not funny, JOLENE MOK
3m55s | HD video | color | stereo | 2015

Every Filter in Final Cut Pro - Lisa McCarty

10m | Digital Video | silent | 2013

In Every Filter in Final Cut Pro, the filters in the digital editing
software Final Cut Pro that are usually used to enhance,
embellish, or otherwise manipulate images becomes the subject
and the content of the video itself.

Prospector 2015 - Talena Sanders

13m30s | 16mm transferred to HD | color | sound | 2013

19th century acculturation of two groups living thousands of
miles apart, but sharing the same name, depending on who you
talk to and what language you say it in. Parallel histories of
invasion, assimilation, aspirations, valuation, and re-evaluation.
Prospectors, colonists, and tourists searching future sites of
luxury resources and romance.
Text/audio drawn from Lord Macaulay’s Minute on Indian Education
(1835), Capt. Richard H. Pratt’s speech advocating for Indian
Industrial schools (1892), “Christopher Columbus” Mel-o-Toons
(1960), Jaypee Greens Luxury Condo promotional video (2009),
GE Show n’ Tell Picturesound Indian Pow-Wow (1964).

Fragments of a Tesseract - Lisa McCarty

Fragments of a Tesseract, Lisa McCarty
1m50s | Digital Video | silent | 2013

Adapted from “Eadweard Muybridge: Fragments of a Tesseract”
by Hollis Frampton, 1973.

Excerpt from Arcanam terra lacrimarum,
Marika Borgeson
7m | HD video | color | sound | 2015

Short excerpt from a work in progress exploring why and how
humans cry.

Friday, May 1st

Mitchell Hall, Fine Arts Cinema, B91, 3pm
Juror Presentation:

In Conversation with the Archive
with Kelly Gallagher and Benjamin Risley Balcom

Pearl Pistols1280x720
Pearl Pistols – Kelly Gallagher, 2014


Jurors Benjamin Balcom and Kelly Gallagher, present a program of
their own work in conversation with selections from the UWM
Film Archive. Following the presentation, Gallagher and Balcom
will participate in a moderated panel discussion of how the
presented archival material has influenced or is otherwise
related to their practice. They will also interrogate and explore
one another’s work, while inviting the audience to do the same.
Historical and representational interrogation is a mode common
to these two makers. Their work is grounded in discourse with
the moving image object and its role in society; perception and
actuality; history and contemporary experience. In this
presentation we have asked them to orient themselves and the
experience of the audience in relationship to influence, history,
and each other.


Electrocuting an Elephant ,
Edison Manufacturing Company
74s | 16mm | 1903 – filmed for Kinetoscope

Topsy, the famous “Baby” elephant, was electrocuted at Coney Island on January 4, 1903. We secured an excellent picture of the execution. The scene opens with keeper leading Topsy to the place of execution. After copper plates or electrodes were fastened to her feet, 6,600 volts of electricity were turned on. The elephant is seen to become rigid, throwing her trunk in the air, and then is completely enveloped in smoke from the burning electrodes. The current is cut off and she falls forward to the ground dead.

Found video object (Massive Unidentified Sea Monster Caught on Oil Rig Cam)
Found video object (Turning a Sphere Inside Out)
Array, Ben Balcom
7m30s | digital video | 2013

Wandering through the city, wondering about the potentialities of space, wishing and wanting a full experience of the virtual. These thoughts are rooted to spaces on the outskirts, rendered without detail. Listen to the code. An indecipherable alphabet floods the brain. “Space is really a bad metaphor for the Internet.”

A Symptom, Ben Balcom
6m30s | 16mm | 2014

A mirrored discourse. The object we see is that which wants enumeration, but it is never said quite right. We are looking at speech from both sides of the mirror, listening to the wretch who elaborates upon the grid of desire.

Digital Actualities, Ben Balcom
6m | 16mm/digital | 2012

Actual or virtual? Here are actualities culled from the network: two acts of falling, two registrations of time. These images mark the oneiric margins of the archive.  The re-inscription of the digital to analog (and back again) conflates the actual and the virtual in an uncanny drift.

Annabelle Dances, The Edison Company
5m | BW Silent | 1895

Annabelle Serpentine Dance is a short silent American film produced and distributed by Edison Manufacturing Company in 1895. It is one of several released by the studio the late 19th century.

Thumbelina,  Lotte Reiniger
11m | BW Silent | 1955

One of the century’ s major animation artists Reiniger pioneered a distinctive style of black and white silhouette animation in her interpretations of classic myths and fairy tales.

From Ally to Accomplice, Kelly Gallagher
3m excerpt | video | 2015
Pearl Pistols, Kelly Gallagher
3m | video | 2014
The Herstory of the Female Filmmaker,
Kelly Gallagher
15m | video | 2009


Friday, May 1st

Union Theatre, 7pm
Films in Competition 1

Steel Mill Rolling, Ross Nugent 2014

Steel Mill Rolling, Ross Nugent
12m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Equal parts landscape, industrial and portrait film, “Steel Mill Rolling” is a document of a functioning steel mill in Western Pennsylvania where the filmmaker’s family has worked for nearly 100 years. This plant operates with a fraction of the laborers it once employed,and the operations are relegated to specialized processing. The steel slabs transformed at this mill in Farrell, PA come primarily from Russia, where the government subsidizes their production. It is a contemporary portrait from Russia, where the government subsidizes their production. It is a contemporary portrait of the steel industry, considering the economic, political, and environmental realities of multinational steel manufacturing.

Demolished Every Second, John Davis 4m25s | Film on Video | 2014 | USA

Demolished Every Second, John Davis
4m25s | Film on Video | 2014 | USA

This short work utilizes imprints from Soviet-era film leader culled from dozens of films viewed while working as an artist in residence in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in 2014. The material was largely 1980’s-era educational and propaganda films that contained a broad range of content, but had only subtle variations on more or less the same leader. Foregrounding the often ignored hand-written or machine printed artifacts found on leader, the imprints become the primary source material for a psychotronic audio/visual salvo set to an original score.

Something about which nothing can be said - Ted Kennedy

Something About Which Nothing Can Be Said,
Ted Kennedy
14m | Video | 2015 | USA

Wolkenschatten Anja Dormieden & Juan David Gonzalez Monroy 17m | 16mm| 2014 | Germany
Wolkenschatten, Anja Dormieden &
Juan David Gonzalez Monroy
17m | 16mm| 2014 | Germany

In 1984, for three weeks in May, what appeared to be a giant cloud shrouded the small town of Hüllen-Hüllen in darkness. Before the end of the month the cloud had dispersed and life seemed to return to normal. One month later, however, the town was hastily abandoned and its residents were nowhere to be found.

Watercourse, Hanna Chetwin 4m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Watercourse, Hanna Chetwin
4m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

An exploration of the interplay between the formal and representational characteristics of water in motion. Soundtrack by Francis Plagne

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening, Zachary Epcar 10m | video | USA

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening, Zachary Epcar
10m | video | USA

An expanded view of the lunch crowd at an open-air restaurant, from a bird’s-eye of the exterior to the depths of the interior.

Vindmøller, Margaret Rorison 3m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Vindmøller, Margaret Rorison
3m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Four generations of grain, choreographed turbulence finds form through static frequencies from the mouth.

Leather, Jimmy Joe Roche 3m | video | 2014 | USA

Leather, Jimmy JoE Roche
3m | video | 2014 | USA

Inspired by Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Begotten, Dog Star Man, Phil Solomon’s films, and Peter Kubelka’s 1958 Schwechater Beer commercial, Jimmy Joe Roche’s Leather provides the perfect nightmare fuel.

Wake, Eric Stewart 8m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Wake, Eric Stewart
8m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

“Wake” is a dirge in celluloid. It is a celebration of my fathers life, a meditation on his body and a visual record of mourning. When my father died, there was never a chance to see his body after life had left it. This film was made by placing his ashes directly on 35mm film in a dark room and moving the film a frame at a time. What we see in this process of photograming is not the object in the photographic sense, but instead a representation of the space surrounding an object. The photogram is a shadow charting the distance between things.

City 3, Sam Hoolihan & John Marks 18m | 3x16mm | 2014 | USA

City 3, Sam Hoolihan & John Marks
18m | 3x16mm | 2014 | USA

City 3 is an improvised, analog, expanded cinema performance by Sam Hoolihan and John Marks that focuses on the transportation systems, pedestrian life, green spaces, and industrial textures of Minneapolis, MN, incorporating a triptych of original, artist-processed 16mm films with an original live electroacoustic sound accompaniment.

Saturday, May 2nd

Microlights Cinema, 4pm
Films in Competition 2

Broadcast Eschatology Warpaint Cantata, David Witzling 8m | Video | 2015 | USA



Broadcast Eschatology Warpaint Cantata,
David Witzling
8m | Video | 2015 | USA

When the machine is a symbol of modern hybrid TV modulator psychological horror of communism.

Chorus, Josh Lewis 4m12s | 16mm | 2015 | USA

Chorus, Josh Lewis
4m12s | 16mm | 2015 | USA

In any photographic process there are essentially two opposing forces at work: one, the developer, aims to turn silver salts to black; the other, the fixer, wants to dissolve those salts. In Chorus, dry granular forms of both are added to the film stock simultaneously. When water is introduced, each begins a struggle for its intended conclusion. The film bears witness to the conflict, an ecstatic sum of individual grains asserting.

Turn on the Hill, Lori Felker 5m | Video | 2014 | USA

Turn on the Hill, Lori Felker
5m | Video | 2014 | USA

“As we move together, be aware of the many-sided nature of the causes of behavior, do not be looking for one right reason for what happens, nor aim at pat answers why this does this or that. … People require for play, activity, striving, unpredictability, faith, companionship and supervision. They feel better and are much nicer people after a turn on the hill.” – Sister Alice Francis (edited)

Wayward Fronds, Fern Silva 13m | 16mm on Video | 2014 | USA

Wayward Fronds, Fern Silva
13m | 16mm on Video | 2014 | USA

Mermaids flip a tale of twin detriments, domiciles cradle morph invaders, crocodile trails swallow two-legged twigs in a fecund mash of nature’s outlaws … down in the Everglades. Wayward Fronds references a series of historical events that helped shape the Florida Everglades today, while fictionalizing its geological future and its effects on both native and exotic inhabitants. Nature begins to takeover, engulfs and tames civilization after centuries of attack, and even guides it into its mysterious aqueous depths, forcing humans to adapt and evolve to its surroundings.

Wawa, Sky Hopinka 6m | Video | 2014 | USA

Wawa, Sky Hopinka
6m | Video | 2014 | USA

Featuring speakers of Chinuk Wawa, a Native American language from the Pacific Northwest, Wawa begins slowly, patterning various forms of documentary and ethnography. Quickly, the patterns tangle and become confused and commingled, while translating and transmuting ideas of cultural identity, language, and history.

The Peacock, Andrew Kim 12m | 16mm | 2015 | USA

The Peacock, Andrew Kim
12m | 16mm | 2015 | USA

A meditation on our fantastic condition of mortality and impermanence… “The peacock painted on the window will never dance or speak. It is only the peacock that lived in the forest which used to speak, dance, and walk in a sweet manner.”

Shwebontha, Meredith Lackey 12m | 16mm to Video | 2014 | Burma

Shwebontha, Meredith Lackey
12m | 16mm to Video | 2014 | Burma

The signboard builders of Shwebontha Street in Yangon, Burma prompt a search for the sonic and visual traces of a country in transition. Performance of military, labor and sport suffuse the sallow hunger of foreign eyes; pleasure’s lilting arrow prompts scalar confusion; past and future swirl in the peeling bells of global imperative, like hydropower.

The Plastic Garden, IP Yuk-Yiu 11m | Video | 2013 | Hong Kong

The Plastic Garden, IP Yuk-Yiu
11m | Video | 2013 | Hong Kong

Evoking imagery and memories of the atomic age, THE PLASTIC GARDEN summons the ghost of a forgotten future, the grim fatality of a total nuclear war that held the world hostage half a century ago. A nuclear war, once a tangible inevitability felt by many, has seemingly slipped into oblivion in recent times. Despite going out of fashion as a symbol for the socio-political imaginary, the nuclear drama, like a malicious return of the repressed, continues to haunt the contemporary world in various forms, with the recent North Korean threat as one of the latest episodes.

As Near As Light, Susan DeLeo 1m | Video | 2014 | USA

As Near As Light, Susan DeLeo
1m | Video | 2014 | USA

A visual haiku of an ephemeral and potent journey into the unconscious through hand manipulated super 8mm film. It combines sound with imagery to create a trance-like state and glimpse into the realm of fleeting memories.

Scrapbook, Mike Hoolboom 18m | Video | 2015 | Canada

Scrapbook, Mike Hoolboom
18m | Video | 2015 | Canada

Lensed in Ohio’s Broadview Developmental Center in 1967 by secret camera genius and audiovisual healer Jeffrey Paull, Scrapbook tells the story of audacious autistic Donna Washington in her own words, as she encounters pictures of one of her former selves fifty years later.

Saturday, May 2nd

Microlights Cinema, 8pm
Films in Competition 3

The Waldgeist and Me, Joe Bichard 10m | Video | 2014 | UK

The Waldgeist and Me, Joe Bichard
10m | Video | 2014 | UK

A dark tale of Love and Dismemberment. The Waldgeist & Me explores the many intricacies of love and hate and how the two can be intertwined. Written and directed by Joe Bichard. The film also includes the vocal talents of Matt King (aka Super Hans from Peepshow) and immense sound design by Oswald Skillbard.

Pas de Cheval, Courtney Krantz 3m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Pas de Cheval, Courtney Krantz
3m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

This film draws from a long lineage of movement studies for the camera – including Muybridge’s motion studies of both humans and animals. Realized completely in-camera, the goal for this film was to transfer aspects of live performance execution to a one-take process. “Pas de cheval,” or step of the horse, is the classical ballet action I’m referencing but this interpretation is modernized and hybridized into a montaged synthesis of unison.

The Wrong Story, Ali Aschman 4m | Video | 2015 | USA

The Wrong Story, Ali Aschman
4m | Video | 2015 | USA

Limbs detach, bodies open to reveal hidden objects, peculiar figures gather among stepped archways, hesitating to touch. The Wrong Story wavers at the frayed edges of a narrative, unraveling the artist’s desire for both connection and solitude.

Fausto & Emilio, Nora Sweeney 13m | 16mm | USA

Fausto & Emilio, Nora Sweeney
13m | 16mm | USA

Waiting, snipping, shaving, smoking, and chatting. These are the daily rhythms of a barbershop in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio where brothers Fausto (age 83) and Emilio (age 75) have worked together for decades.

Nonstop Beautiful Ladies, Alee Peoples 9m | 16mm | 2015 | USA

Nonstop Beautiful Ladies, Alee Peoples
9m | 16mm | 2015 | USA

A Los Angeles street film staring empty signs, radio from passing cars and human sign spinners, some with a pulse and some without.

Watershed, Charlie Egleston 9m | 16mm | 2014 | Canada

Watershed, Charlie Egleston
9m | 16mm | 2014 | Canada

A watershed moment serves as a site for perceptual contemplation and a meditation on the transitory nature of things. Using the multiple meanings of a watershed basin, moment and the literal ‘watershed’, the film is deceivingly simple but unfolds layers of meaning concerning images, representation and ontology.

C’est Mignon Tout ça (Sweet Oh Sweet), Kevin Gourvellec & Anne Marie Piette 4m | video | 2013 | Canada

C’est Mignon Tout ça (Sweet Oh Sweet),
Kevin Gourvellec & Anne Marie Piette
4m | video | 2013 | Canada

Remake of the eponyme film of Pierrick Sorin. A comedy about a peeping tom.

My Insatiable Apotemnophilia, August Traeger 4m | video | 2014 | USA

My Insatiable Apotemnophilia,
August Traeger
4m | video | 2014 | USA

This video is part of a series of databending experiments.The process involves taking raw video footage through a series of digital “mistranslations” until the exotic and beautiful underlying digital nature of the original video file emerges from within.

Field Notes, Vashti Harrison 17m34s | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Field Notes, Vashti Harrison
17m34s | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Field Notes is an experimental documentary about the ghosts embedded in the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. The film is structured as a visual and aural field guide to the ghosts spirits and jumbies throughout the island. From personal tales about the soucouyant and lagahoo, to the ghosts of Trinidad’s past.

Check, Carlos Dominguez 4m | 16mm | 2013 | USA

Check, Carlos Dominguez
4m | 16mm | 2013 | USA

Inspired by experiments in film-phonography, Check explores the sonic potential of running sequences of patterns through a 16mm film projector. Collages composed of three different patterns and solid patches of black and white were composed and photocopied onto strips of clear film leader. The sequences provide not only the images projected on to the screen, but also the soundtrack to the film.

Under the Atmosphere, Mike Stoltz 14m30s | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Under the Atmosphere, Mike Stoltz
14m30s | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Filmed on the Central Florida “SpaceCoast”, site of NASA’s launch pads. Dormant spacecraft, arcane text, activated landscape, and the surface of the image work towards a future-past shot reverse shot.

Sunday, May 3rd

Kenilworth Building, 3pm
Films in Competition 4

Night Noon Shambhavi Kaul 11m | video | 2014 | India

Night Noon, Shambhavi Kaul
11m | video | 2014 | India

Unmoving rock collapsed to ocean—geology’s “thrust and fold”—becomes the unlikely habitat for two actors’ shadowy encounters with sand, waves, night, desert, dread, calm, trepidation and escape.

Invocation of Uzi Ross Meckfessel 4m30s | super8 | 2014 | USA

Invocation of Uzi, Ross Meckfessel
4m30s | super8 | 2014 | USA

An abstracted portrait of actress Jojo Hill as she portrays five different characters in this behind-the-scenes documentary of Uzi’s Party: an experimental pagan teen drama by Lyra Hill.

Beautiful Things Mike Olenick 5m | video | 2014 | USA

Beautiful Things, Mike Olenick
5m | video | 2014 | USA

Sunlight sparking through a window sets into motion this story of a woman recovering from a break up. She heads outside looking for love, but what she doesn’t expect to fnd is a perfect match. With music by the Wet Darlings.

Manhattan 1234 Tomonari Nishikawa 3m | Super8 -18fps | 2014 | USA




Manhattan 1234, Tomonari Nishikawa
3m | Super8 -18fps | 2014 | USA

A study in visual rhythm by shooting architecture with certain camera angles and movements in Manhattan, New York. All edited in-camera and hand-processed afterwards.

Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six Josh Weissbach 11m | 16mm | 2014 | USA



Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six, Josh Weissbach
11m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six displays the physical changes of the maker’s heart since being born with the congenital disorder, Transposition of the Great Vessels. This chronicle showcases a movement from human to cyborg that connects personal vulnerability to 1980s science fiction.

Traces Erin Celeste Weisgerber 5m | 16mm | 2014 | Canada

Traces, Erin Celeste Weisgerber
5m | 16mm | 2014 | Canada




a. A visible mark, such as a footprint, made or left by the passage of a person, animal, or thing.

b. Evidence or an indication of the former presence or
existence of something; a vestige.


A barely perceivable indication

Stick It Stefan Ramirez Perez 5m | video | 2014 | Germany

Stick It, Stefan Ramirez Perez
5m | video | 2014 | Germany

Merging himself and the young gymnasts of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta into one composite character, he enters an ambivalent position between envy, identification, rejection and critique of these highly controlled bodies and their restricted performative roles. The video follows the preparation and execution of a floor routine, suspending the marginal moment right before the action, encapsulating ambition, the pressure to succeed and the looming possibility of failure.

Old Growth Ryan Marino 8m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Old Growth, Ryan Marino
8m | 16mm | 2014 | USA

Amid the arboreal giants and temperate organisms of a primeval rain forest lurks an elusive luminous force.

Rest In Me Henning Frederik Malz 6m | video | 2014 | Germany

Rest In Me, Henning Frederik Malz
6m | video | 2014 | Germany

The film “Rest in Me” describes an everyday routine oscillating between devotion and surrender. Malz’s rapid rhythmic montage of found footage from feature films from over the last twenty-five years chronicles in visual terms the increasing outsourcing of physical presence in favour of virtual identity. What began as the opening up of the world through the internet has mutated into an increasingly comprehensive encryption and surveillance of the individual   subject.

Stories Houses Tell Scott Fitzpatrick 3m30s | Super8 | 2014 | Canada

Stories Houses Tell, Scott Fitzpatrick
3m30s | Super8 | 2014 | Canada

Four Winnipeg houses as documented by reporter Lillian Gibbons, and illustrated by Arlene Osen. Shot for the 9th annual WNDX OneTake Super 8 Event.

Coming Cold Rob Todd 6m | 16mm on video | 2015 | USA

Coming Cold, Rob Todd
6m | 16mm on video | 2015 | USA

Shiverings in anticipation of the approaching chill.

sound of a million insects, light of a thousand stars Tomonari Nishikawa 2m | 35mm on video | 2014 | Japan

sound of a million insects, light of a thousand stars
Tomonari Nishikawa
2m | 35mm on video | 2014 | Japan

I buried a 100-foot 35mm film under fallen leaves, about 15 miles from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, for a night to expose it to the possible remaining of the radioactive materials. The area was once an evacuation zone but now people live there after the removal of the contaminated soil.

Bad Bitches Elisabeth Albeck 1m30s | video | 2015 | USA

Bad Bitches, Elisabeth Albeck
1m30s | video | 2015 | USA

Bad bitches have existed in all time periods. Exploring the concept of “badness” as defiance against social norms, and the gendered characterization of the term “bitch,” is a short film moment intended to reframe the phrase positively. In this short incantation, I face a portrait of my namesake, Elisabeth, whose scandalous
amorous relations shook the bedrock of society in aristocratic Norway and Denmark in the late 1800s. I pay respect to her otous spirit, bravery and the unshakable confidence I detect in her smirk.

Traditional Day for Eating Grilled Eel Joel Schlemowitz 6m | 16mm on video | 2014 | USA

Traditional Day for Eating Grilled Eel,
Joel Schlemowitz
6m | 16mm on video | 2014 | USA

Events of a summer day in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park.

Sunday, May 3rd

Kenilworth Building 7pm
Films in Competition 5

War Prayer, Richard Wiebe 17m | video | 2015 | USA

War Prayer, Richard Wiebe
17m | video | 2015 | USA

There are icons in Cyprus that are centuries old. They bloom like flowers in houses, churches, monasteries, and markets. Last summer marked the 40th anniversary of Cyprus’s invasion and partition. Today the island remains divided with abandoned spaces on both sides of the Green Line. For decades every US administration has exploited this partition, using military bases on the island to conduct surveillance in the Middle East. Aniconisa prayer, a window to heaven, to a listening ear.

I Am Made of Matter and I Matter, Grace Mitchell 4m | video | 2014 | USA

I Am Made of Matter and I Matter, Grace Mitchell
4m | video | 2014 | USA

This is a (dysfunctional) dialectical conversation that could also be experienced as an internal monologue. S & J represent to micro and macro of one’s mind. They are contrary to each other and this difference in perspective leads to the impossibility of understanding, while simultaneously being the reason for their codependency.

Alberta, Dan Browne 3m | video | 2014 | Canada

Alberta, Dan Browne
3m | video | 2014 | Canada

Journeys in Banff and Jasper National Parks, Alberta.
“A journey without arrival in the great tradition of Canadian landscape travelogues.” – Richard Kerr

A Knight’s Walk (and other speculative events), Clint Enns 12m | video | Canada

A Knight’s Walk (and other speculative events),
Clint Enns
12m | video | Canada

A knight traverses the chessboard, as a bored radical traverses a Winnipeg supermarket by chance (played by Chance Taylor).
Consider Cameron Frye (played by Alan Ruck) from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off stuck in the speculative space between point and pixel. Video art in the expanded field.
The Klein Bottle, a 4D object rendered in 3D reduced to 2D (4D->3D->2D). A spatial analysis of a non-orientable surface with no boundary, a space potentially like our own.

Diaries from Guatemala, Renato Umali 5m | video | 2015 | USA

Diaries from Guatemala, Renato Umali
5m | video | 2015 | USA

Innocuous vacation footage of a hike up Volcán Pacaya combine with images from the Guatemala Death Squad Diary combine with travel guide suggestions forgetting the most out of your trip produce this video.

Ungun, Jessica Fenlon 6m30s | video | 2013 | USA

Ungun, Jessica Fenlon
6m30s | video | 2013 | USA

The object shatters our ability to discuss it sanely.
After reading another Monday morning Chicago news list of names, of those killed by handguns, I started glitching photographs of guns. I ‘steal’ photos of guns hosted online, and ‘break’ those photos, manipulating the code supporting the image, a symbolic trafficking in stolen guns.

I Love You, Daniel Watkins 2m30s | video | 2014 | USA

I Love You, Daniel Watkins
2m30s | video | 2014 | USA

Moreso than photographing the subject into nothingness, the camera here reassembles its subject with every repetition allowing the image to constantly redefine itself while simultaneously heading down path towards the undefinable.

Fort Morgan, Alexander Stewart 22m | video | 2014 | USA

Fort Morgan, Alexander Stewart
22m | video | 2014 | USA

Fort Morgan is a short film inspired by a brick fort of the same name on the Alabama coast. The film uses live-action footage and drawn animation to examine the geometric plan, physical materials, and structure of the 200-year-old fort. Following an intricate geometric diagram, the fort grows of its own accord like an oyster shell or a crystal forming, until it is eccentrically shaped, encrusted, and overgrown.

Subtle Distance, Christina Santa Cruz 3m | video | 2014 | USA

Subtle Distance, Christina Santa Cruz
3m | video | 2014 | USA

For every trip and/ or move we bring various amounts of suitcases and boxes filled with our tactile possessions. Have we become obsessed or is it merely a necessity in order to be comfortable in one’s own skin? I don’t know…

Babash, Lisa Truttmann &Behrouz Rae 9m | video | 2014 | USA

Babash, Lisa Truttmann &Behrouz Rae
9m | video | 2014 | USA

Babash is a parrot. He lives in Los Angeles. Kept by an Iranian family, he speaks mostly Farsi. Sometimes he mixes English and Azeri into his conversations. Behrouz Rae has made friends with him over the years. Babash is a portrait about a special relationship and the domestic surroundings in which it grew.

Bag of Film, Matt Rossoni 4-10m | 16mm performance | 2014 | Canada

Bag of Film, Matt Rossoni
4-10m | 16mm performance | 2014 | Canada

Sitting beside the screen is myself and a bag of 16mm film scraps. A long piece of film is threaded into the projector. Once engaged, I reach into the bag and randomly select additional pieces of film, and splice them onto the tail end of the strip running through the projector. The scraps are of a variety of discarded material: leader; scratched and worn film;non-image. The result is a film whose production (editing) takes place simultaneously with its exhibition. The film ends either when a splice breaks or I can no longer keep up with the film dragging along the ground – MR

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This Friday, Fern Silva’s in Town.

The Work of Fern Silva
Friday, Fine Arts Cinema, Mitchell Hall B91

Fern Silva - Wayward Fronds
Wayward Fronds – Silva – 2014

Oddly enough, when watching the work of Fern Silva, I find myself hearing the opening lines of the television series Farscape. In the series, astronaut John Crichton finds himself flung across the universe through a wormhole. In the opening credits he muses over not knowing how to share the wonders he’s seen with those he’s left home. Silva, on Earth, finds the same dilemma and, being in possession of a Bolex, solves it.

In Silva’s work expect to find a tension between what was, and what is; between extinction and preservation. Forests burn, carpets fly and, always, there is an eagle. The vantage point here is one of a traveler. A person who is in a place long enough to record it, long enough to find boredom, but not free from a departure date and time. A traveler not quite free enough to leave the hotel room and the television behind to find their own adventure. As with Marker’s globe trotting time traveler in Sans Soleil, the television provides a deceptive window into the culture at large. For Silva’s traveler though, media invades the space of the travelogue. It bends and is bent along with it. It writes the soundtrack, and perhaps parts of the script as well. The traveler may, at times, lack a bit of cultural sensitivity. However, this traveler has only come long enough to find the need to return home, with a head full of strange television and strange landscapes.

Silva’s craft with celluloid is deft and easy to consume. Set shots, tv screens, soundtracks, field recordings, and verité are cut together with skill. In Silva’s traveler we might find ourselves and consider our own cultural tourism, for a moment.

Join us Friday, 3pm. Artist in attendance. For now.

To Screen:

Wayward Fronds 2014 13mins
Tender Feet 2013 16mm 10mins
Concrete Parlay 2012 16mm 18mins
Passage Upon the Plume 2011 16mm 7mins
Peril of the Antilles 2011 6mins
In the Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails 2010 13mins



Meet the Jury!

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The Jury

Please allow us to introduce

Marika Borgeson

Marika Borgeson Marika Borgeson is a filmmaker and photographer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Fascinated by the fluidity and mythology of American histories, she uses film and video to explore the suspension of time and the creation of legends through historic sites, museums, landscapes, and archives. She also works with 16mm film using cameraless techniques and alternative processes.

Her work has screened in galleries and festivals, including the New York Film Festival in Views from the Avant Garde, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Void Gallery in Derry, Northern Ireland, and the Media City Film Festival in Windsor, Canada.  Before receiving an MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University, Marika served as the Assistant Director of the Experiments in Cinema Film Festival in Albuquerque, NM.

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly GallagherKelly Gallagher is an experimental animator and filmmaker currently based in Iowa City. She is the 2014 recipient of the Helen Hill Award for her political cutout animation, “Pen Up the Pigs,” which explores connections between the history of slavery and modern day racist policing.

Her films have screened in venues across the world including: the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Bryn Mawr Film Institute, ICA Artists’ Film Biennial, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, London Hackney Picturehouse, Berlin Mobile Kino, and Alternative Film Video Festival Belgrade. She is interested in the history of handmade cinema and the radical possibilities of collage film and cutout animation. She is currently finishing an experimental documentary on abolitionist John Brown.

Ben Balcom

Ben Balcom - Likes Trees - Makes MoviesBen Balcom is film and video maker currently living, working, and teaching in Milwaukee, WI. His work in film and digital (and digital-film hybrids) investigates ordinary objects and affects through the lens of speculative realism. In addition to making films and videos, Ben also is the curator and co-founder of a neighborhood cinema in Milwaukee called Microlights, which specializes in avant-garde film and video work (www.microlightscinema.com).

There you have it, three amazing makers. They are going to have a lot to show. So please join them this year. The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival runs from April 30 to May 3rd, 2015. See you then!



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